How to Get Back on the Network

Part I
        First, can you get to one of your servers (Admin or Student).  If so, you are on the network, but you have IP problems.  Skip to Part II below. But if you can get to one of your servers, the IP problem could be:
        1.  Check your TCP/IP settings:    Control Panel>Network Connections>Right-click on Local Area Connection> Properties>Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)>Properties>Obtain automatically both IP address and DNS server>then Advanced> on DNS tab, no addresses in top box>on WINS tab, no addresses in top box
        3.   You may have a virus.  Does your computer have the latest E-trust updates?   Can you run the latest Stinger?  Check with Technology repair (709-7603) and see if they are aware of any virus going around.
        4.  You may have Spyware. Load and run either Ad-Aware or Spybot.
        5.  Do you have to IP address: to check : Start>Run>type  cmd >then type ipconfig >    IP Address should have a number that starts with 172.  If not, advise Tech Repair 709-7603  NOTE: note the IP number for any later use.
        6.   You may have a blocked IP.  ( you can get to a server, but can get on the Internet or use First Class) A partial check can be to try to ping:  Start>Run>cmd>then type   ping  .  If you get replies, your IP is not blocked.  If you get no reply, advise Tech Repair and give them the IP number from item 4 above.  You can check to see if your ip address is blocked at this site http://shark/ip/blocked.asp

Part II
        If you could not get on any of your servers or the Internet, you may have on of these problems:
        1.  Is your NIC (network Interface card) enabled: Control Panel< Network Connections>right-click on Local Area Connection>at top should say Disable (if you click on this word, it will disable the NIC card).  If is says Enable, click on this word and it should enable the NIC card
        2.  If you think your problem is just the Internet, check with others and Tech Repair and make sure the Internet is not down for everyone
        3.  If it is just First Class, be sure your server within First Class is set to go to
        4.  Is the patch (network) cable actually plugged all the way into the computer?
        5.  Is the light blinking next to where the patch cable plugged into the computer?  If not, you are not getting a signal to the computer
        6.  Going backwards from your computer, the problem could be, bad drop (cable) in the wall
        7.   Bad patch cable
        8.  Patch cable or drop cable not plugged all the way into the switch in the local panel in the wall in the room
        9.  Bad switch or switch not on
        10.  Bad port in the switch
        11.  Drop (cable) from head-end room into switch not plugged in or is inop
        12.  If panel has media converter (little black box), could be inop (usually if inop, lights will be blinking extremely fast or the opposite, there will be not lights on at all
        13. The port in the head-end room could be bad.  Will take Network Technician to check


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