Conroe I.S.D. Parent Access

Parents:  If you have trouble registering for Parent Access, you must contact your student's school.  The Technology Help Desk Staff cannot assist you.

        You must use Internet Explorer

 To register, go to the CISD Homepage. Click the Students/Parents tab, then click Parent Access. Click here for the Parent Access Flyer.

Click "Register for an Account."  Fill out the form with the exact information used in your student's official records.

Within 30 minutes, you should receive an email with a web link, username, and password.  If you do not receive an email, but the system notice said your information matched the database, it is likely that your email provider rejected the email sent by our system.  Try registering again with a different email address.
If you have multiple CISD Students:

You will only have one login and password even if you have multiple CISD students; however, you must register each student separately. After registering your second and subsequent CISD students, you will receive this message:

"Your email address matches an email currently in our student system, you should be receiving an email shortly with your password if you do not already have an account.  An existing account has been found for your email address. Your password for this student will be the same as your other account(s).
You have entered all information correctly."

Once you register multiple students and log into your Parent Access account, you will see a button for each of your students.

Information you will need before registering for CISD Parent Access:

(To update/change this information, correct your student's official registration form that will be sent home with the student from the campus during the first week of school.  To change information after the beginning of the year, contact your student's school for procedures.)

1.  The parent/guardian email address that is on file with CISD.
2.  The student's identification number (not social security number).
3.  The student's full official first name.
4.  The student's full official last name.
5.  The student's birth date and year.
6.  The phone number that is on file with CISD.
7.  The student's current grade level.
8.  The student's current school assignment.

Incorrect Data:

For your student's security, each of these data fields must match the student's official records in order for the Parent Access account to be created.  If the information in CISD's database needs to be corrected, please contact your child's school.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do I retrieve a lost password?

A:  Go to then click the “Send my Password?” button to have your password emailed to you.

Q:  How do I change the email address that is on file?

A:  Click the register for an account button and complete the preliminary Home Access Center registration where it asks for your email address and student information. If your email address is different, it will prompt you update your email address that is on file.

Q:  What do I do if I don't receive an email after I sign up for Parent Access?

A:  Do you use AOL, Earthlink, SBC Global or Road Runner? These service providers are blocking some email from We recommend that you use an alternative email address such as or Some applications or providers mark our email as "spam" or "junk." Make sure the email is not in your email account's junk folder and that you have "whitelisted" or cleared all mail from

Q:  What if I still did not receive an email with my password?

A:  Be sure that your email system is accepting "junk" email. Conroe ISD sends out thousands of emails each night. Your email provider may be identifying as a spammer and blocking the emails you want to receive!

Also:  Make sure you have applied for a new account THIS YEAR.  Last year's accounts no longer work.

Q:  What do I do if after clicking “I Agree that I am the Legal Parent/Guardian of this student” I get an error stating "vb.script cannot..."

A:  Safari and Opera web browsers are not supported when you initially sign up. You must use Internet Explorer. Parent Access is only supported in Internet Explorer.

Q:  What if I’m having problems with Parent Access pages and access?

A:  First, try using a different computer. Please note that neither the Conroe ISD Technology Department nor your campus technology specialists can help you diagnose problems with your personal computer.

What information is available through Parent Access?

The start screen includes the student's bus number, scheduled bus stop, lunch money, and more.992008_22838_0.pngThe Schedule tab includes the student's current schedule.992008_22957_1.pngThe Attendance tab shows any attendance entries and how they are coded in the system.

The Report Card tab shows grades after they are reported at the end of a marking period.

The Averages tab shows the student's average as of the "last updated" date on the page.992008_23212_2.pngThe Classwork tab shows the grades teachers have published and how they are calculated.992008_23318_3.pngThe Progress Report tab shows grades after they are reported at the end of a marking period.

The Incident Referrals and Discipline tabs shows any referrals and disciplinary actions involving the student.


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